December 25, 2012

High School Festival, Part 2

At the annual school festival for a private all-girls junior high/high school in Tokyo. Each class and club held either an exhibit or stage show, and prospective students and their parents, current students and family, and random friends were invited. The festival serves as an introduction to the school, but the focus is less on showcasing the academic prowess of the school, but on establishing a fun atmosphere (and showing off how beautiful the campus is). Hence, the oversize game of Jenga that one class had created. . 

These decorations are for the English Club, I believe. You can tell a lot about the teacher by the inclusion of Beavis and Butthead.

The koto harp club was one of my favorites. Even if you know the sound of koto, you develop a different level of appreciation for it when you can actually see it being played before your eyes. The hand movements were very intricate.

The music sheet, which consists of kanji and lines. I was almost shocked to see that it contained no musical notes, but then why would it?

Origami decorations strung at the entrance of the classroom.

Unloved library books were on sale for probably 1/300 their value.

For two hundred yen, you could make your own flower arrangement.

I was actually quite proud of mine, but apparently it did not incorporate some basic concepts of flower-arranging.

The calligraphy club. This was a large scroll that was about four feet long.

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