December 22, 2012

High School Festival, Part 1

A while ago, I went to an all-girl junior high/high school's fall festival. Many events were held at the school's chapel, a gorgeous arena-like space used for morning services.

The second floor, with the organ to the left.

I wonder what would happen to these lights in an earthquake.

For one of the elective courses, the girls made wedding dresses and put on a show, resulting in Bieber-level screams from the audience. Pros: seeing some genuinely creative wedding dresses that perfectly conveyed the girl's personality and seeing the routines the girls put together. Cons: seventeen-year-old girls aspiring to be brides and princesses.

The "bride" and "groom" suddenly brought out instruments and started performing. I love how each girl got a moment to showcase their individuality, and they all rose to the occasion.

The school orchestra played the theme song from My Neighbor Totoro, with big Totoro and little Totoros and the little black soot balls making an appearance. The orchestra's set was full of lovely touches like this.

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