December 21, 2010

Where There are Gingko...

Where there are gingko...

Old ladies gather, picking up the ripe fruit. This is a common sight in fall. The smell of the gingko fruit is quite unbearable, so perhaps it is good that people are collecting them. After comes the long process of peeling and boiling the fruit. More power to them for taking on such a hard task!

Gingko nuts still in their hard shells, sold at Yasukuni Shrine.

December 13, 2010


A magnificent gingko tree stands at the top of a shrine in the Sekiguchi area of Bunko Ward. The shrine is believed to have been built in the Edo era to commemorate a water god. (The Kanda River, a major river, flows nearby.)

Shadows of the shide (paper streamers) hanging from the gate.

There must have been a ceremony of some sort on that day.

This photo could have been taken in 1960, or 2010.

Breaking the Mold

(In Shin-mejiro)

The tiles are reminiscent of Dorado Waseda, but less likely to have the neighbors' tongues wagging. 

December 8, 2010

A Constellation of Stickers

A seemingly abandoned barbershop near Iidabashi station.

It's a shame, considering how painstaking the front sign is.

The bill for all the stickers must have been quite exorbitant.

December 5, 2010

One Step Closer to Replacing Children

(In Ikejiriohashi)

A dog in a diaper, nearly walking. What is wrong with this picture?

Last Phone Standing

Once upon a time, a woman probably sat behind the counter where the green pay phone is, selling cigarettes and dispensing worldly advice. The phone is probably the newest thing in the building, and even it feels like a relic from another era.

Biscotti Jenga

Freshly-baked biscotti at a bakery called Factory, in Ichigaya.

Christmas Decoration Tips for Winos

At a bar in Shibuya, a surplus of wine bottles gives birth to a new kind of Christmas tree.