October 24, 2010

Chopping Up the Sky

(Near Kokusaikyogijomae Station.)

Looking at this building, with its many parallel lines and panels in different shades of sky-colored neutrals, drove me absolutely crazy.

Jack-o'-lantern Trees

A cafe in the recently-reopened Mitsukoshi Ginza.

I'm going to stop saying that Japan has no pagan/cultural motivations to celebrate Halloween. Blatant commercialism is clear enough motivation.

Deluge of Heattech

9:15pm, outside Uniqlo Ginza. After the store closes at 9pm, an incredibly long truck pulls up, packed full with boxes.

The majority of boxes seemed to contain the explosively popular Heattech thermal underwear. And even then, they will probably find themselves barely able to keep up with demand, as it was last winter and the winter before that. Good for them.


Rose garden in Roppongi Hills.

See how much taller it is compared to Tokyo Tower in the background.

October 13, 2010

In the Name of Recycling

(Vinos Yamazaki in Hiro-o.)

At this imported wine shop, the stairs seem to be made out of old wine crates, or at least that is the look they are going for.

October 10, 2010

Night for Day

(In Edogawabashi.)

The pavement makes the photo look quite bright, but this was actually taken at night.

One flash and it all goes away.