February 19, 2014

Tokyo Snow Day x 2

In Tokyo, it used to be that we were lucky if we had snow that stuck for one day out the year. This usually happens in February, when the poor schoolkids are taking their school entrance exams amongst delayed trains and freezing weather.

This February, we've had two large snowstorms on two consecutive weekends. What would have been a routine amount of snow for somewhere like Hokkaido became catastrophic in Tokyo -- the Yurikamome Line suffered a blackout on Rainbow Bridge, roads were closed off, and those who ventured out had an extremely difficult time getting home.

The concept of snow angels don't exist in Japan, so I could tell even before I saw the toddler's blond hair that this mother and daughter weren't Japanese.

Odaiba, snowed in.

 View from the Tokyo Midtown building in Roppongi, overlooking a public park.

Kachidoki at night.

Most of the streets were closed to traffic.

The same area the next morning.

Kachidoki Station, partially blocked for security checks.

An "igloo" and snowman in Monzen-nakacho.

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