February 18, 2014

The Cats of Kasai Seaside Park

Kasai Seaside Park, a large park located on the stop next to Tokyo Disneyland on the Keiyo Line. The aquarium seems to be a major attraction, but there's also a bird sanctuary (a plan is in place to tear it down for the Olympics -- utterly ridiculous), a Ferris Wheel, and a huge green space that stretches all the way out to the Tokyo Bay (which can also be accessed).  

Where there is a park in Japan...

...there is a cat.

I happened to visit the day after it had snowed a little bit (before the two weekend snowstorms), and all the cats were curled up in a way that allowed them to stay as warm as possible.

They generally have matted fur and unloved (as opposed to feral) expressions on their faces.

If this cat were a human, he would be a passed-out drunk. I'd never seen a cat drooling in its sleep before.

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