February 11, 2014

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival: Japanese Quilt Design Prix, Part 1

In addition to the Moomin quilts and the portrait quilts and what have you, the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival also had a competition element where the best three quilts from six categories were selected. 

I can no longer remember which category these quilts were displayed under, but the amount of detail in them was mind-blowing. This explains why most of these following photos are in close-up.

If I recall, this one came in second place for the Original Design Quilt category.

There was a crowd of little old ladies around this quilt, painstakingly counting the number of balls. I believe they came up with something like 54 x 54.

Little balls sewn out of strips of silk.

I like the flower detail hidden in this one.

There were a handful of these gradation-effect quilts.

This one was nice and cheeky.

The number of quilts was so overwhelming, past a certain point it became a relief to see something conventional like this.

Made up of sheer squares.

Quite understandably, this one took the grand prize in the Original Design Quilt category.

Just one section in close-up. Imagine the amount of work that went into this one square! It deserves its own documentary.

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