February 14, 2014

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival: 60 Japanese Quilt Artists

Works by 60 leading quilt artists in Japan. This section had the most audacious quilts of the whole festival, which were comprised of a large number of inoffensively pretty works.


A close-up of the body. The scraps of red fabric used have all been dyed using traditional Japanese methods.

I loved the cheekiness of this Marie Antoinette-inspired quilt.

It wasn't until I looked at the photo afterward that I realized the face spelled out "hope".

The imprints of thread on this quilt are quite zany.

Perhaps one of my favorites -- the manipulation of cloth to create those white froths was quite ingenious.

Another one of my favorites. The artist used all of the neckties that were no longer in use now that her husband was retired. It was perhaps the only work in the festival that called to mind how people came to create quilts -- because they had an abundance of fabric scraps.

Since my father is a Ferragamo tie aficionado, I recognized some of those fabrics.

Another quilt that seems to increase in detail the more you look at it. It's a play on all the dolls that come out on Girl's Day, all mayhem as if they were transported into Alice in Wonderland.

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