February 19, 2014

City Views from Bunkyo Civic Center

View from the Bunkyo Civic Center, close to Kasuga Station. The 25th floor observation deck is free.

Obviously, that's Tokyo Sky Tree in the background.

The La Qua (where the Moomin Cafe is) rollercoaster is visible too.

The green patch in the background is my favorite park, Koishikawa Botanical Gardens.

You can view Tokyo from every single floor.

 The University of Tokyo is visible by its clock.

 My former residence is visible in this photo.

The two towers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building are visible far away.

Chuo University is the yellowish building in the center, and to the left is the Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, which I have only been to once but found rather dull. There is a Chinese dormitory next to one of the exits that has a beautiful tea room, though!

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