February 14, 2014

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival: The Market

We finally get to the end of the Quilt Festival. It took my easily four hours to look at all the quilts, and after that, there was a large mass of individual sellers' booths to get through.

This was on display in vicinity of the market. Denim obi belt? I hope this doesn't become popular.

A needle company, putting their wares on display. Interestingly, a lot of needle companies seem to have been using the same packaging and design for what seems like the past 60 years. The look is so retro, you would think you had come upon something that had been lying in your grandmother's sewing basket for a couple of generations.

As can be expected, the market was full of sewing machine companies showing off the latest technology.

For the everyday sewer, sewing machinery has changed so little, you could use an old Singer machine and the only difference would be whether the wheel was automated or not.

When you see how you can input your design onto a screen, and then the machine faithfully replicates it, you can see that the same cannot be said for the quilting/embroidery world.

Manipulating little tufts of wool into round shapes.

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