February 11, 2014

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival: Japanese Quilt Design Prix, Part 2

As beautiful as all the quilts were, this was one of the few I would want to have hanging in my living room.

Only a handful of the quilts displayed were made by men, this one by a non-Japanese resident.

Someone took an elevator to the top of Tokyo Sky Tree, obviously.

The ingenuity is in the slicing of strips.

A Little Nemo-inspired view of the ocean.

This was one of the prize winners in the Japanese design category. If you enlarge the photo, you can see that there are patches where small hiragana letters are written in gold thread. They spelled out the iroha poem. You can find one example on the red あ.

The woman's outfit matches the cat quilt nicely.

It works so well as an image that you can almost fail to notice all the quilting techniques.

As psychedelic as a Mary Katrantzou print.

So many details add up to the humor of this quilt. Notice the bouquet-holding male with a bee in his stomach, joined with the female -- who is already with child! There are chicks on the crocodile, and a baby turtle on the turtle's shell.

I love the austerity of this Japanese design. It was titled "Fan and Wisteria". The wisteria is visible only in outline form.

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