May 5, 2013

Zenpukuji Park: a Smaller-scale Alternative to Inokashira Park

Zenpukuji Park, about 15 minutes' walk from Nishi-Ogikubo Station in Tokyo.

Built in 1961, the park is structured around Zenpukuji Pond. The larger upper pond and lower pond are separated by a street.

It's said that there was once a temple in the area -- hence the park's name, Zenpukuji Temple Park. A small shrine still exists in the park.

So many of the trees were stretched so low, they were practically skimming the surface of the water. I thought the greenery was beautiful, but since they were cherry blossom trees, the park is probably at its height in the spring.

During Golden Week (a holiday period beginning April 29), a row of carp streamers had been put up.

The pond also has a section with white water lilies (the lower pond, which feeds into Zenpukuji River, has pink water lilies). They bloom from around June to August.

The perfect place to spend a lazy weekend afternoon. The closest major park is Inokashira Park, in Kichijoji. Zenpukuji is smaller, but it is also much less populated. If you don't feel like sharing your spot of nature with hundreds of other people, this is your place.

The dogs were out in full force, with this afghan as the largest.

Smaller dogs.

Exactly one wisteria flower is in bloom (at the left of the photo). There is also one duck in the photo.

A mini waterfall.

The Great Cormorant, which is excellent at diving for fish.


blukats said...

It looks quite lovely. Sounds like a nice place to take a break from the city. Is it just a couple stops beyond Nagano?

Sachiko Shiota said...

Oh I'm sorry for the confusion! I wasn't aware there was a Nishi-Ogikubo in Nagano until I saw your comment. It's in Tokyo :)