May 15, 2013

Pink Lady Vintage Compact

See the words Pink Lady and anyone in Japan will immediately think of the massively popular female pop duo. The Pink Lady compacts are completely unrelated to the pop act, but were coincidentally popular around the same time, in the 1970s. They were the Japanese version of Stratton compacts, but it seems their products never went beyond domestic borders.

I experienced surprise upon surprise when I opened up this box. This bold Egyptian-inspired design was very unexpected, not to mention the anachronistic pairing of a compact and lighter. A Japanese website (sources not verified) notes that the set was most likely inspired by the King Tutankhamun exhibit at the Tokyo National Museum in 1965, which was seen by nearly 1.3 million people.  

An even bigger surprise: the cigarette lighter turned out to be a playful take on the perfume bottle! The perfume itself was extremely light.

Another Pink Lady compact, unearthed from my mother's makeup drawer.

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