May 18, 2013

Hokuriku Landscapes

Taken from the JR Hakutaka Express train from Toyama Station to Echigoyuzawa Station in Niigata. You can see the Tateyama Mountains all the way on a sunny day, and they are a most beautiful sight. 

Last Sunday, there were a lot of farmers out planting rice.

You would frequently see shrines and cemeteries right in the middle of a rice field.

Wisteria, snaking their way around all the trees and giving themselves away by their color. The forest must smell wonderful this time of the year.

This building looks like an old barn converted into...something. I'm guessing it's a city hall.

An old lady working on her farm.

The Joetsu-Shinkansen Max Toki from Echigoyuzawa to Tokyo Station. The shinkansen has two floors, and the first level is so low that you can only see the barrier. The second floor allows a better view...until the tunnels start up.

It was so cloudy that day, I missed out on a chance to see the mountains.

I wonder what you can see from up there?

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