May 13, 2013

Bird-Watching at Kasai Rinkai Park

Kasai Rinkai Park, the biggest park in the Tokyo 23 wards area. Separated by the Edogawa River and a portion of Tokyo Bay, it's hard to believe that Tokyo Disneyland is only one station away.

Unlike other large Tokyo parks, this one opened less than 25 years ago, in 1989. No surprise here: the area around the park (stretching all the way to Shin-Urayasu) is reclaimed land. Disneyland is visible in the background on the left, while the area of Shin-Urayasu can be seen in the central section of the background.

The large field with the Ferris Wheel is merely one section of the park; the much less crowded bird sanctuary and observation zones make up another. Kasai Rinkai Park is also famed for its aquarium, from which a brave penguin escaped in 2010 before being discovered alive in Tokyo Bay. The bird sanctuary zone (shown above) opened in 1994.

The posts seemed to be generally occupied by coromants. There wasn't much variety in terms of bird-watching, as winter is when birds from colder climates end up here.

The Ferris Wheel looming in the background makes the area look less relaxing to me.

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