May 7, 2013

A Field of Wildflowers at Kasai Seaside Park

Kasai Seaside Park (located near the station next to Tokyo Disneyland) was horrendously crowded during Golden Week.

You wouldn't know it from looking at this photo, though. There were large sections that had been partitioned off so flowers could grow in peace.

Armed with my trusty guide to wildflowers, I tried to figure out their names. 

Common field speedwell.


Incredibly, I knew what color cornflower blue was, but it wasn't until I looked the flower up in my book that I found out for the first time that this was what a cornflower was supposed to look like.

It seems they come in plenty of other colors too.

I'm guessing these flowers are related to orchids?

Most of the poppies were orange-red, but this crimson one really stood out.

Pink violets.

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