May 19, 2013

The Rose Garden at Kyu-Furukawa Gardens

Kyu-Furukawa Gardens again.

This visit reconfirmed my initial impression that the best thing about this park is its rose garden. Fortunately, the roses are currently in bloom, and from May 17-26, you can even go at night to do some night-viewing! (The park will be open until 9pm.)

It may not look too bad in the photos, but the park was fairly crowded, with whole tours of people coming at a time.

Barkarole, introduced 1989 by Germany. Barkarole refers to the songs sung on gondola boats. The bud is almost black, but the flower is more a vampy red.
Charles de Gaulle, introduced 1974 by France. This one is noted for its scent.

Golden Medallion, introduced in 1984 from Germany.

These are the roses I imagine the Queen of Hearts making the card soldiers paint in Alice in Wonderland. The color isn't quite right but the shape of the petals is.

Kirari ("Sparkle"), introduced 2003 by Japan.

Hatsukoi ("First Love"), introduced in 1994 by Japan. What an apt name. It looks like a literal interpretation of the expression "blush of first love". This rose is also noted for its scent.

The Queen Elizabeth rose, introduced in 1954 by the United States.

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