April 24, 2012

Where Towed Bicycles End Up

If you leave your bicycle around Edogawabashi Station and are unlucky enough to have it towed away, it ends up at the Bike Warehouse close to the station, underneath the highway near Megurozakashita. It could be worse -- if your bike is towed away near Iidabashi Station, you have to go all the way to Yotsuya Station.

It's right past the exercise area that runs underneath the highway, and before the parking lot/unofficial cat habitat

These drawings have been made by local elementary school kids.

There are so many bikes here, you'd think it was a parking lot.

It costs 2000 yen to get your bike back.

The nice old man in charge gives your bike seat and handlebars a wipe with his rag before letting you go.

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