April 10, 2012

Oji Station Fire

The famed Asukayama Park, only a few minutes from Oji Station. The station saw an incredible amount of traffic this past weekend, with everyone heading to the park.

The park has a little car that goes up and down the hill for old people who cannot handle the steps. The car is named Ascargot, after the name of the park and the shape of the car. 

A long row of houses that you pass on the way to the park. It looks normal here, albeit with 100 water bottles to scare off cats.

But as you go higher up the hill on the way to the park, you see that the building has been almost completely destroyed by fire.

The fire occurred early on January 21 when a woman's electric stove combusted. Train lines were stopped for close to five hours. Virtually no cleanup seems to have been done on the buildings, giving the impression that the houses burned down only recently.

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