April 11, 2012

Otonashinsui Park

Otonashinsui Park, near Oji Station. While everyone was crowding into the nearby Asukayama Park for hanami (cherry blossom viewing), a minority headed to Otonashinsui Park across the street. Though modest in scale and with considerably less trees, fewer visitors meant they were able to enjoy a more laid-back hanami.

The flow of the river (which used to connect from Shakujii River, until postwar pollution prompted a reconstruction of the park in the mid 1950s) had been stopped so people could sit under the bridge, and park themselves where the water usually flows. More space for everyone!
This is what you saw when you looked up.

So long as you keep the rowdines down and clean up after yourself, policemen do not frown upon public drinking during hanami season.

An old man was gathering discarded aluminum cans and making ashtrays using only his knife.

A closeup of a sakura petal, looking very veiny as it dries out.

A patch of ornamental kale at the edge of the park.

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