April 25, 2012

Doctoring My Marimo, Part 2

My marimo ball wasn't doing so well, so I separated it into two about four months ago. I also placed it in the shade instead of letting it sit under the sun.

Before, I was wondering if the marimo was even alive, but you can see that the color has returned to the vivid green of a healthy marimo.

I doubt it will retain its round shape though.


Anonymous said...

nice marimo... just sharing if you want to maintain its shape , you just take them out of the water roll it into the round shape and use a string to wrap around it. after awhile it will retain its shape i hope=D

Sachiko Shiota said...

Thank you for that tip! They look so fragile, I never would have thought to do that. I will try it some day.

Anonymous said...

you actually have to take it out and roll it around for it to maintain the shape. also marimo are shade water plants. they cannot be put in direct sunlight. when they need sunlight they will float to the top of the water and within a day or two when they've had enough they will sink back down (if healthy). you need to take your marimo out twice a month and give it a gentle rinse under water to make sure it doesn't have any other allege growing on it. also you should turn it in it's home every once and a while to make sure what little sun it needs is hitting all parts of it otherwise the side sitting on the bottom will die.

hope this helps. google "marimo care" if you need more help :D

Sachiko Shiota said...

After reading your comment, I'm surprised that my marimo is even alive after 10 years! I basically just keep it in the bottle and change the water every three months. I will start by moving the marimo into a bigger home :) Thank you for all the information!