June 29, 2013

Shots of Vieille Ville, Annecy

Vieille Ville (Old Town), Annecy. This area is an absolute dream, with cobblestone streets and beautifully aged streets. It's the kind of historic, Medieval-influenced town that Japanese people can "experience" only by going to Tokyo Disneyland. 

The Palais de l'Isle at night. 

For some reason, the area is full of ice-cream shops. I like this shop in particular because they contain miniature versions of the flavors they are representing, such as a small tub of Nutella.

This is a different ice-cream shop.

Tourists having some ice cream.

This man has taken up residence in one area of the river, along with his two dogs. I remember them barking at me last year.

100 years ago, she would have been longingly looking out of the window.

Surveying the sudden rain...

...and then taking a quick break.

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