June 17, 2013

Seven Panorama Views of Annecy, France

Taken on the Promenade du Dr Servettaz, which faces the east side of Lake Annecy. (Click to enlarge.)

There is a small port for excursion boats on the west side of the Lake, just at the end of the Old Town. They start at around 20 euros and are highly recommended, particularly just as it is getting dark.

The boat I was on can be seen in the center of the photo. The church Saint François de Sales is visible on the left.

The west side of the lake, which has a lot of boats.

Similarly the west side.

Alongside the river Le Thiou, which runs through the Old Town and leads out of the city.

A view of the lake taken from Parc Charles Bosson.

All photos taken with the excellent Photaf app.

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