June 17, 2013


CDG=Charles de Gaulle Airport in Roissy, France, about 40 minutes away from Paris.

It may have had its share of problems, but I love its look.

Can these go on the plane?

Eurotrash alert!

Hipster alert.

Grandad and grandkid.

On the way to boarding the plane.

The airport cafeteria has hummus and moussaka. The hummus was super salty and tasted like cheese.

Bonus: the JAL-Air France codeshare flight had a delightful midflight snack. Every single thing on the tray was emblazoned with Kumamon, the official character of Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan. Kumamon's popularity in the past year or so has been absolutely explosive, and has even put Kumamoto back on the map. Surprisingly, the food itself wasn't half bad either.

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