June 17, 2013

Rhododendron Bonsai

A rhododendron bonsai exhibit in the lobby of the Nerima City Office. These photos were taken in late May.

I chanced upon these rather randomly, so I was quite delighted.

The photos were taken with my ever-unreliable Digno camera phone (the files folder is liable to crash at any moment), so the quality is grainy.

Each bonsai plant had its own name. 

There is also a card in front of evch plant indicating the right direction from which to view it. I shot this from the bottom up, so this is not the right angle or direction.

I love how perfectly patriotic the colors are.

Rhododendron bushes tend to bloom spectacularly at similar times, but even so, it was awe-inspiring to see them in bonsai form at their height.

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