June 25, 2013

Baby Birds and Nests

One of my favorite things about Annecy (and the best part about being able to visit in June) is the baby birds that you can see in various parts of town.

Mama and baby ducks in the Thiou river.

I saw some baby ducks here two years ago.

This must be a safe spot for birds, because they're here again. (They're on the left side of the previous photo.)

This was by the lake.

I have to admit, I found the river Thiou more polluted than in previous years, and accordingly, I saw less fish and had to work hard to find a nest. On my last morning, I finally spotted a nest, located in a hard-to-reach spot near the Ibis hotel in the Old Town.

The spareness of the nest was also a vast difference than the bountiful ones I've seen in previous years.

There were about four swans swimming in the lake in the morning.

 As beautiful as they are, swans can be an absolute menace to dogs. Look how its mouth is open here!

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