October 2, 2012

Fitch Bay Farms

Aside from vacation homes, the Fitch Bay area seemed to be made up of farms. To my eyes, the farmlands, houses, and barns looked picturesque, but it's most likely the sort of thing people living in the area don't particularly notice. Many of the properties looked lovingly tended to, with flowers and children's toys in the yard, but even the delapidated areas had an almost poetic look to them. It was impossible to capture these houses from a moving car, so most of these images exist in my mind only.

Cows grazing.

Wheat silos. I innocently asked if they contained milk.
The sunset proving too much for the camera.

Great rolls of hay.

Fitch Bay's main depanneur (convenience store), replete with a meat section selling homemade sausages.

 Sausage with white wine and shallots, and on the right, sausages with blueberries!

On a nearby street: Château Witch Bay, a house originally built in 1880. There are guided tours inside the house!

Even from the outside, you can see that the house is full of witchy touches.

Surprisingly, the house doesn't descend into camp.

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