October 10, 2012

Across the Canada-US Border

Fitch Bay is so close to the border, you can enter Vermont after only a 15-minute drive. The US border patrols were unsurprisingly strict, but perhaps the sight of an Asian woman, a young white man, and an older white man, all with unrelated names, triggered their suspicion.

The town was as quaint and compact as you would expect a New England town to be. The houses were lovingly tended to, and the main street seemed to have all of the stores you would need to live, albeit on a smaller scale than in the city.

At the pier, where boats dock from Canada.

The boats were docked on Lake Memphremagog, which extends all the way to Magog.

The US, Canada, and Vermont flags.

The local gas station, getting into the Halloween spirit.

I felt very much the urban dweller when I wondered out loud, "Why is it three dollars for a single worm?" Of course you buy by the bucket.

The local mill, across the street from the gas station.

A farmhouse that I passed on the way back to the Canada border with so many baby clothes on the line, I swear there must be triplets in the family.

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