October 27, 2012

Shrine Dos

A shrine about 10 minutes' walk from Kamata Station, which offered a respite from the slight griminess on display near the station (in the form of snack bars and hair salons for the ladies who work in them). 

What I found most interesting about this shrine was how discreet instructions had been placed in select areas, such as the temizu here, and the main shrine.

They have the effect of educating a new generation of shrine visitors who were perhaps not raised to follow Shinto customs. As someone who appreciates shrines but has no idea how to behave in them, it allowed me to take part in the customs without feeling embarrassed.

With all the roots showing, an earthquake would tip the tree over.

The three smaller torii gates to the right side of the shrine were to pray for good health and prosperity, among other things.

Not too many fortunes tied up here.

The main gate viewed from the street.

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