September 30, 2012

Kayaking through Swamp Water

The houses in Fitch Bay stand in front of the river that feeds into Lake Memphremagog. There are a surprising amount of water plants in the river, and the long weeds turn to grass and lily pads as you kayak down the river.

The roots are visible like this.

In the mornings, the lilies in bloom can be seen. They were small and white...

...but I found a lone yellow one.

There were also many different types of dragonflies. I particularly liked this one, with the pretty wings.

Red dragonfly.

Turtles on a log. They were mighty quick to disperse when they sensed the boat coming near.

A water helicopter, tethered like a dog on a leash.

 Found in the water.

 Trapped for a moment, and then set back into water.

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