September 30, 2012

A Walk in Fitch Bay

One of the more morbid "be careful" signs I've seen in my life: "Be careful with our children. It could be yours."

Signs of fall already.

Puffin the dog, oblivious to the caterpillar in front of her.

They come in white...

...but more or less seem to alternate in yellowness, whiteness, and furriness.

The best yard on the street.

Perfect little dahlia.

The beetle looks almost ornamental.

Bee colonies are said to be disappearing in North America, but I saw so many of them on my walk.

Spiderweb spun like cotton candy.

Super-sour berries.

Raspberries that were more seed than berry.

Woodpecker holes.

Moss overgrown on a tree stump.

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