September 25, 2012

Third Street Promenade on Labor Day

 On my walk from the Santa Monica Pier to the Third Street Promenade, a looooong stream of cyclists passed me by.

British iconography in LA.

The mismatched time on these clocks drove me crazy. How blue and how beautiful is that sky?

I could recognize that face everywhere. Unfortunately, this was not a sequel to Ghost World.

This woman had the thinnest, hugest hoops in her ears, and was gorgeous to boot.

Baby cacti.
A Japanese want ad in LA, with some specific requirements that will probably make hiring easy for them:

-Someone who is looking for a new experience.
-Someone who is a little interested in cooking.
-Someone who is in need of money.
-Someone who is energetic, motivated, and friendly.

Dinosaurs line the Promenade, for some stylistic reason.

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