July 1, 2012

Vieille Ville

Annecy's Vieille Ville, Old Town, which has retained its 17th-century structure. The streets are cobblestone, there are water pumps everywhere, and buildings look like they have remained unchanged for decades. So foreign is the idea of  an "old town" to a Tokyoite, one Tokyo-born woman who was with me in Annecy asked if the city had been rebuilt in this way.

 Running through the town at 8 in the morning.

 Looking up at the church walls.

 A modern touch: Gaultier-designed Coca-Cola at the supermarket.

I love the canals, with their clean-looking water that effortlessly reflect the sky.

Instead of public faucets, there are public pumps.

A tiny little frog spitting out water into a well.

French keyboards drive me crazy. Take a closer look.

Preparing for the dinner rush.

 One big friendly dog.

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