July 1, 2012

Saturday Market

The Saturday market in Annecy, which is held a couple minutes' walk from the Bonlieu building. It's much larger in scale than the Tuesday and Friday markets in the Old Town; you really could do your week's shopping there.

 Crate after crate of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Round zucchini, which I must try sometime.

A large paella, simmering.

Wouldn't it be more convenient to sell these in a store?

Absolutely mouthwatering, especially with the potatoes cooking in the fat pooled at the bottom.

Dried fish which you soak in water to eat.

 There were a handful of stands selling the French version of Asian food.

After a week without rice, that fried rice looked incredibly appetizing.

With all the farms nearby, it's not hard to find fresh meat, but you can also get fresh fish caught in Lake Annecy.

Green tomatoes -- do they taste sour?

Dates from Tunisia.

They say that you choose tomatoes for their roundness and firmness. That would not apply to these.

Pale asparagus.

The mountain of pineapple miraculously did not fall over. I liked the melon man, who had a made up a little song for selling them and was singing it at the top of his voice.

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