July 30, 2012

Obscure and Not-So-Obscure Japanese History, Part 3

1910 First Antarctic expedition by army officer and explorer Nobu Shirase is conducted.

1910 Japan's first aviation.

1957 International Geophysical Year

1957 The first nuclear reactor in Japan is completed.

1959 The Metric system is adopted.

1960 The 49th Interparliamentary Conference is held.

1962 Asian Boy Scout Jamboree

1963 Girl Scout Asian Camp is held.

1963 The 14th General Assembly of the International Scientific Radio Union is held.

1965 The weather radar on Mount Fuji is completed.

1970 The Japan Expo is held. 

1972 The Winter Olympic Games are held in Sapporo.
The 15+5 means that 5 yen went towards funds for running the Oympics.

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