July 29, 2012

Urayasu Fireworks

The Urayasu Fireworks Festival is the Anti-Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival. Both are held on the same day every year, but the former amasses less than half of the close to one million people that gather to watch the Sumidagawa fireworks.

If you don't want to share muggy cramped spaces with a million other people, the low-key Urayasu festival is the way to go. The fireworks show may only be for an hour, but it's nicely programmed.

The policemen were dispatched to control the crowds as usual, but the number of visitors seemed remarkably decreased from the previous year. Perhaps last year was exceptional, a show of solidarity in numbers after Urayasu was greatly damaged by the March 11 earthquake. 

The police car with the fenced windows and the bus behind it seemed like total overkill.

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