July 10, 2012

Koishikawa Botanical Gardens Again

Since it was hydrangea season, I visited Koishikawa Botanical Gardens again. Alas, there are no hydrangea photos in this post.

I really wanted to find a cute green tree frog (they have become very scarce over the years), but could only find this small toady one. Very cute nonetheless.

Tree roots coming out of the ground in full force.

Spot the tiny baby turtle!

The park explicitly states that fishing is not allowed, but some families were fishing for zarigani crayfish in broad view of everyone.

Fortunately, they were released back into the ponds at the end of the day. Here they are, swimming for cover in the lotus plants.

Another ibis.

Unidentified pretty flower with a very hard fruit.

Cat fast asleep, oblivious to visitors. Japanese parks always have stray cats.

Abandoned duck eggs. It seems the nest was in an area too close to prying visitors, and the mother had to flee her nest.

I found another shrine in the park!

The redwood section, so dense with trees you can look straight ahead and see nothing but forest. A true rarity in Tokyo!

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