September 2, 2011

When Bad Movies Happen to Good Theatres

The Village Theatre in Westwood, near UCLA, which opened in 1931 and has been the site of many a movie premiere. The theatre was bought by Regency Theatres in 2009.

Across the street is the Bruin Theatre, which opened in 1937. Once part of Mann Theatres, it has been run by Regency Theatres, same as the Village, since 2009.

A bit further down Westwood Boulevard is the Majestic Crest, which was built in 1940. One of the original benefactors was Frances Seymour Fonda, Henry Fonda's wife and Jane Fonda's mother.

Such history! Such glamour! And yet, look at the films they are showing: Final Destination 5 at the Village, Conan the Barbarian 3D at the Bruin, and Fright Night at the Majestic Crest. That more or less tells you everything you need to know about cinemagoing in the US today.

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