September 3, 2011

A Stroll in and Around UCLA Campus

The rude side of The Bruin.

UFO-like lights on the tennis courts.

Alongside Charles E. Young Drive, another dorm currently under construction.

A campus worker, taking a break in between setting up dorm rooms.

A common but lovely sight: the hummingbirds that buzz around campus.

Med students having a Grey's Anatomy moment.

The Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center.

The UCLA bus terminal.

A squirrel, recycling students' recycled trash.

A couple minutes' walk outside campus, the Geffen Playhouse, a performing arts center.

A hilariously roughed-up fraternity house, sandwiched between two other houses in current use.

The In-N-Out Burger in Westwood, so close to the fraternity houses that it's practically part of the university. There were at least 30 frat boys in the joint when I was there, furiously chowing down their burgers and harassing the staff with inquires about when their burgers would be finished.

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