September 17, 2011

Down Castro, Up Haight

Seen on Castro Street: a university student, collecting donations to keep his school's wrestling team from going defunct...

...the button section in a store that sold all things a little unique and a little quirky...

...anatomically blessed Ken-like dolls on display...

...and a succinct welcome to the neighborhood: "It's Castro, bitch!" There is also a nice nod to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence on the left.

A drag queen (or two), hosting a fundraiser at Cocomo's Boutique.

Literal, but in the commercially appropriate way.

The Victorian-style houses of San Francisco are generally pastel-colored, but here in the Haight area was a more colorful take.

A reminder that ivy-covered houses aren't always the result of neglect.

Spray-pointed koi in front of a clothing store, next to a fortune teller.

From Peet's Coffee and Tea. Do they do this for all their customers?

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