September 20, 2011

Polk Street Action

Walking back and forth Polk Street in San Francisco yielded the following photos:

Interior Visions, an art gallery cum antiques shop. I was quite intrigued by the awfully hippy soldier manning the door.

The black-and-white checkered floor sets things off nicely.

A view from the rear of the store.

I thought the chirping noises were an affectation until I saw these parakeets in the antique birdcage. The fresh vegetables they had stuck through the bars smelled strangely good. Must be organic.

 The small cards detailing the product and price were a lovely touch.

Crunch Fitness, housed in the former Alhambra movie theater. If Castro Theatre were ever turned into a gym (or anything else for that matter), I would riot. It seems, however, that they tried to preserve as much of the theatre as was feasible -- not just what you see on the exterior, but inside as well. So wrong that it's right?

A Chinese-run dry cleaners.

The adorable-looking Hungrybunny, unfortunately closed on Mondays. They seem to sell cooking-related books and objects.

Optical Works, a store selling vintage glasses frames that crosses the line between hip and trying too hard.

Bow Wow Meow, a "pet specialties and grooming" shop with some mighty good decorations.

This store wasn't the first to pair stuffed dog animals and inflatable tubes, believe it or not.

A store in Cow Valley one-upped them. The public water bowls -- a good idea or unhygienic?

A bulldog passes the time by watching TV inside a gym.

Thai Spice, servers of the best Tom Yung Koong (and be extension, best Asian food) I had in San Francisco.          

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