April 13, 2014


One of the many activities offered at El Nido Resorts on Apulit Island is rappelling.

I was into it until I realized that the starting point was the cross at the top of the mountain.

I went halfway up the path for rappelling, not knowing that you were not supposed to go without a guide. The path was quite precarious!

Plumerias, which they called frangipani.

An egg that I excitedly pointed out to the nature guide on staff.

Rudimentary steps leading up.

Even clambering up that precarious rock, I was distracted by the pretty plants.

These look almost like sunflowers.

 A group making its way up.

 Getting ready to go down looked like it took forever.

View from the halfway point.

Going down. You could hear the woman yelling, "No, no!" which reconfirmed my decision not to do this.

But the view was probably even nicer than this.

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