April 5, 2014

A Break for Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossoms peaked this week in Tokyo, and they were so pretty, I actually found myself taking a detour through a sakura-lined street on my walk to work the other day. This is Oedo Fukagawa, which connects to Sumida River.

As my mother says, often you only become aware of a place once the cherry blossoms start blooming. True to word, this street was only a block past where I usually walk, but I'd never even noticed that there was a river nearby until I saw the burst of pale pink.

Happy people enjoying a cherry-viewing boat ride on a Monday morning.

At their peak, the trees for a sort of canopy over your head as you walk.

This is alongside Sumida River.

You can't see it to well, but the paths all along the river are dotted with sakura trees.

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