April 13, 2014

Creatures on the Island

The great thing about Apulit Island was that it was a more than comfortable resort, but also has retained a lot of its natural ecosystem. Therefore, we were able to see so many plants, animals, and fish that we'd never seen before in our lives. (As comfortable as Tokyo is, it certainly does not have enough nature.)

The first time I saw a monitor lizard, I had to laugh, because it was almost terrifyingly large. After that initial encounter, I saw them all over the place, but it was impossible to be frightened because they are so noisy. There's never a chance of being caught off guard.

Paw prints in cement.

Fly? Moth?

The geometric print would make a great skirt.

These birds seem to make their nests under the cottages and on the thatched roofs. Luckily these roofs were new, due to the recent hurricane.

A sandpiper.

A kingfisher, which we were lucky enough to see on our very last morning. I caught flashes of electric blue and orange as it flew above us.

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