April 13, 2014

Nature Hike on Apulit Island

Another activity on Apulit Island: a quite strenuous nature hike, very at odds with the placid beach shore. Amusingly, our laid-back guide was so used to it, he padded along on flip-flops while I was huffing and puffing in sneakers.

For me, the best part of the hike was encountering new plants and creatures.

A lizard, quite different from all the geckos that patter around the cottages.

This ladder was not part of the hike. The island was Japan-owned until around 6 years ago, and during the two years that the island was closed due to repairs, locals from neighboring islands created this man-made ladder so they could climb up to the top of the mountain to catch the ever-profitable swallow's nests made from their spit.

Leaves stuck in a spider's web.

A tree that looks like it's covered with barnacles. Apparently it is so rare that it doesn't even have a scientific name, just something in the local language.

Bamboo trees growing in sideways. In Japan, I think they only grow vertically.

Another flimsily-constructed ladder, this time made for the nature hike. Check the guide's flip-flops!

We saw lots of these large red beetles.

Bamboo like barbed wire.

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