March 29, 2014

Jeepney Bonanza

One thing that delighted my to no end in Manila: the sight of jeepneys, a staple of public transportation in the Philippines. They originated from the jeeps used by the US army in World War II, evolving into small buses that people can ride for around 18 yen (17 cents).

I love the bright colors, the DIY decoration (a happy result of the jeepneys being privately owned), and the inherent danger of riding something that has no back door. Apparently, in other cities, people are using jeepneys with air conditioning and the internet, but I saw none during my brief time in Manila.

The routes are written on the side. Judging by the pencil, I suppose schoolkids take them as well.

I love the rough-and-tumble swagger of this car. 

According to this article, the cost of customizing a jeepney is so high, the current generation of jeepney are painted minimally.

Most of the cars have a message to the effect of "God keep us safe" at the entrance in the back.

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