March 29, 2014

Cocooned in the Marriott Manila

I recently stayed at the Marriott Manila for one night. (The hotel itself was wonderful, with an extremely committed and professional staff.) It was my first time in Manila, and while I already knew that there was a great disparity between the rich and the poor, I was surprised by how clear those lines are. 

The hotel is located about 15 minutes by shuttle bus from Manila Airport. There are a handful of hotels in a row in an area that is essentially barricaded. Something you never see in Japan, or even the United States: entrances to public spaces such as airports and hotels guarded by men obviously toting huge guns. In addition, at the entrance to the hotel, luggage was screened with the same sort of machines they use on travelers at airports.

The view from my room...

...and the view immediately neighboring the pool. It seems they are building another luxury hotel next to it.

The breakfast buffet, which the hotel is known for. I have to say, it was impeccable!

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