March 5, 2014

A Walk around Bunkyo Ward

The Hongo area of Bunkyo Ward is one of my most favorite areas of Tokyo to walk around in.

At the park, a bunch of schoolboys play their Nintendo DS (snooze), while a lone kid with spirit climbs the wisteria vine above them. 

Koishikawa has a lot of construction and printing related shops. This one was the former.

None of these were real fruit.

The store sign said bread (pan) and cakes, so I assumed it was a faded pancake shop. Turns out it's a bread/cake shop. The shop opens only twice a week for a couple of hours.

A poor tree trunk locked into place by cement.

UT Cafe (an offshoot of Cafe Berthollet) at the University of Tokyo.

A government-approved agency that supplies nurses and housekeepers.

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