March 29, 2014

Flying to Haneda

The only two things I like about flying on an airplane are: watching movies and looking out the window. Unfortunately, a cheap flight or old airplane makes the former impossible, and flying too high or over the ocean nullifies the latter as well.

You'd be surprised by what you can see from the plane. Flying from Siem Reap to Beijing in the middle of the night, I saw China outlined by the orange lights of fishing boats. On another twilight flight, I saw stars, bigger than I have ever seen in my life.

Here, we've already begun the descent to Haneda Airport, but we're still in Chiba. The dome on the right is Chiba Marine Stadium.

Tokyo Sky Tree in the background.

I can actually see my old place in Shinurayasu in this photo.

Tokyo Disneyland, and more prominently, Disney Sea. One passenger seemed startled by the sight of the volcano.

Kasai Seaside Park. The sandy areas I visited in this post, and are slated for demolition for the 2020 Olympics. I couldn't be more furious, especially because the Park just celebrated 25 years, and made a note of pointing out how they had created a habitable area for the wildlife.

The Odaiba area.

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