November 2, 2013

Walk through Hiroo

Florists have the prettiest garbage.

I always see this weed in the fall.

Close-ups are everything with this weed. The flowers are as tiny as beads.

 It was like looking at shadow puppets.

Apparently this car is a Panther. It was a British car company that was set up in the 1970s that never really caught on, in part because they produced exclusively luxury cars in limited numbers.

The cult car made an appearance in 1996's 101 Dalmations, featured as the car of -- who else? -- Cruella de Vil.

 I'm sure these design details are all personalized.

 Different types of wheels.

This river is quite ugly to look at, but the concrete walls are high enough that it will probably never overflow.

Cages to catch lobsters, perhaps.

 Very bedraggled yet affectionate cats.

The end stop: a Spanish restaurant in Ikebukuro.

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